National Rhodesian Ridgeback Council

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The NRRC was established in 1990. As a National Council it is of itself not a decision making body but rather a governance body who, through the member Clubs, provides a voice for the breed to the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC - the governing body for purebred dogs in Australia) and coordinates NRRC projects and activities. The actions of the NRRC are created and guided by motions submitted by the member Clubs.

The committee is made up of:

  • President
    The President is selected by a member Club/s of which they are a member.
    The president serves a 2 year term and cannot serve consecutive terms.
    The position of President rotates through all the affiliated member clubs - Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia.

  • Secretary
    The Secretary serves a 2 year term but may serve consecutive terms. Nominations for Secretary are accepted bi-annually at the yearly AGM.

  • Club Delegates
    Each Club is required to put forward a Delegate who acts as a conduit of their member Club's tender of motions and decisions on motions tendered by other Clubs.  

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NRRC Constitution

Current President :  Paula Aitchison (Edgar) (SA) Current Secretary:  Sarah Wheatley (Qld) 

Past Presidents

  • Anna Lane (Vic)

  • Deirdre Bacon (NSW)

  • Matt Benson-Lidholm (WA)

  • Trevor Hardner (Vic)

  • Dianne Jolly (SA)

  • Carmen Fitzgerald (NSW)

  • John Butler (WA)

  • Fred Cilia (Vic)

  • Patrice Johansen (QLD)

  • Dawn Redman (SA)

  • Cyndy Burton (QLD)

  • Sue Temlett (NSW)

  • Trish Stebbings (Vic)

Past Secretaries

  • Dianne Jolly (SA)

  • Allan Harding (NSW)

  • John Hawson (QLD)

  • Marion Banks (WA)

  • Kris Aitchison (Vic)

  • Lyn Roberts (SA)

  • Anthony Pitt (QLD/Vic)

  • Rosemary Green (QLD)

  • Diane Stratton (Vic/SA)